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This year's big iPhone reveal event was Apple's most boring yet

On Tuesday, Apple introduced the iPhone 13, the newest version of its most popular product.

It's a sleek rectangle of metal and glass almost identical to last year's device, the iPhone 12. The striking similarities to last year's phone aren't just visual: Functionally, the iPhone 13 is almost indiscernible from the iPhone 12.

It doesn't have the rumoured satellite calling function that would enable people to contact emergency services in life-threatening situations without phone service. And it didn't remove the notch that houses the front-facing camera as hinted at by Apple-produced streaming series "Ted Lasso."

Aside from a new chip inside, camera upgrades, and a new set of color options — and a higher price tag, of course — the iPhone 13 is virtually indistinguishable from the iPhone 12. It's assuredly a more capable device than its predecessor, but not by much.

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